powerkey spesifik ürünler Content:
K2O : 20 % w/w
P2O5 : 5 % w/w

POWERKEY™ is a product that contains high levels of potassium which is completely chelated with organic acids.
The fact that the potassium it contains can be fully taken by the plant, makes it possible that the plant takes advantage of potassium at the maximum level. It can be easily used at the recommended dose in every period that the plant needs potassium. Due to the high proportion of absorbable potassium and phosphorus that it contains, it can also be used as an assistant to the growth of the fruit in the plants' fruit growth period. The chelating agents it contains also shelter the enzyme activators that plants need in their physiological activities. Thus, in POWERKEY™ applications, besides the fact that the plant's potassium and phosphorus nutrition is met, the physiological disorders that occurred or may occur are eliminated. It can also be used for eliminating conditions of stress caused by negative environmental and climatic factors. Thanks to the high levels of carbon elements that they contain, complexed chelating agents that consist of organic acids and enzymes have the ability to chelate every positively charged element in the soil or with which they are in contact meanwhile they hold potassium in one pole and the three other carbon poles stay idle.
Another unique feature of POWERKEY™ is that it has the ability to positively buffer the pH of the ambient where it is found and this is one of the features that enhance POWERKEY™'s unique effect on plants.
POWERKEY™ has an effervescent effect. It emits carbon dioxide by entering in reaction with water and dissolved in water, a large part of this gas is transferred to the plant and as it is known this effect is, although little, beneficial to plants in terms of carbon dioxide.
Provided that the solubility of POWERKEY™ in water is high; this creates positive effects on plants in terms of application and efficiency.

Advantages of POWERKEY™

  • POWERKEY™ contains high level of potassium completely chelated with organic acids. This enables the plant to benefit at the maximum level from the potassium.
  • POWERKEY™ avoids the soil to be brackish due to the low dosage application requirement and high efficiency.
  • Thanks to the low pH value and high content of enzymes and amino acids of POWERKEY™, all inactive and unsolved minerals and microelements presenting in the soil can be converted to active and soluble from.
  • POWERKEY™ raises the shelf life of the reaped fruit & vegetables.
  • POWERKEY™ augments the quantity of fruits/vegetables on tree/plant. The final yield increases.
  • POWERKEY™ increases the attractiveness, taste and color of fruits & vegetables
  • POWERKEY™ supplies a homogeneous fruit formation and equalizes the maturity period of fruits & vegetables which enables to reduce the range of fruit harvest period
  • POWERKEY™ is effective against stresses like poor irrigation
  • POWERKEY™ is 100% soluble in water and forms carbon dioxide (CO2) while dissolving in the water. The plants can get the benefit of this CO2 formation.
  • It is possible to apply POWERKEY™ with the many insecticides and pesticides by means of mixing
  • POWERKEY™ does not create any residue or stain in the plant, fruit or vegetable.
  • POWERKEY™ eliminates quickly the deficiency of potassium in the later stages of growth
  • POWERKEY™ lowers the spillage of flowers and fruits in vegetables and fruits
  • POWERKEY™ improves the flowering, fruiting, boll formation and tuber fill in the plants.

Usage of POWERKEY™

It is recommended to use POWERKEY™ after the fruit formation. In plants with potassium deficiency, it can be applied at least 2-3 times via the soil or the leaf according to the need.
In foliar applications, the dosages for 100 lt of water are as follows:
200–250 grams in vegetables, 200–300 grams in grapevines, 200–300 grams in fruit trees.
In soil applications, it can be applied to the soil at a dose of 2 kg / 1000 m² via the irrigation system.

Appearance : In powder form.

Miscibility : If possible, POWERKEY™ should be put to a preliminary mixture test with the materials desired to be mixed before the preparation of pesticide or fertilizer mixtures. In general, not so many problems in POWERKEY™ mixtures were encountered except mixtures with products having very high levels of pH.